The Energy DataStore will be an open source platform

Nov 1, 2016

When, in the middle of September 2016, decided to cancel the ongoing EU tender of the Energy DataStore, the project started to look for another way to reach the goal: Ensure easy access to energy data.

  • Of course it wasn’t fun to cancel the tender and try to find footing on a new route towards the destination, but now we’re on the other side of this process, still having the same ambition and vision of an Energy DataStore, says project manager Kristine Bock.

The Energy DataStore will be built on CKAN
The project maintain the original time schedule and launch the first version of the Energy DataStore in the summer of 2017. The decision is to go for the CKAN open source solution. CKAN’s code is maintained by Open Knowledge International, a global open source network for open data and open knowledge.

  • We believe that CKAN can solve many of the needs we have in relation to building and operating the Energy DataStore. And our end users will get access to a very nice and solid portal, which will be adjusted to the specification and visions of the Energy DataStore.
  • But we also recognize that we will be missing some tools for the people who maintain and publish data. It will probably not run entirely smooth and require some extra effort from my colleagues – until we get the necessary and additional modules in place. However, it is important that we now can Go Live and gain some operational experience, and then we can improve along the way, says Kristine Bock. 

What’s next?
Sometime the next couple of weeks, will request for proposals at, where we will ask for competencies to implement the CKAN solution.

The project is looking forward to start implementing the Energy DataStore.

  • Now we are ready to get our hands dirty and get started. If all goes as planned, we will start implementation in January 2017, says Kristine Bock.


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