The Energy DataStore cancels the EU tender – but pursues the projects visions and goals

Sep 21, 2016 has decided to cancel the ongoing tender of the Energy DataStore. Three out of five prequalified suppliers have dropped out of the tender process. As a result cancels the tender, and changes the Energy DataStore project’s strategy. It neither changes the long term ambition nor the projects visions. Energy data will be made available from the summer of 2017.

Three of the five prequalified suppliers, which were going to submit their tender for the Energy DataStore, have chosen to stop their process. The project has therefore decided to cancel the ongoing tender. The risks associated by continuing with only two bidders are considered too large.

– From the very beginning we recognized that building an Energy DataStore was not something we had the complete recipe for. This is something we must learn to build and develop over time, together with our stakeholders and with input from other similar initiatives, says project manager Kristine Bock.

– We created a tender with a new type of contract, which would support the iterative development of the Energy DataStore, but despite our effort, and both positive and skilled vendors, we wasn’t able to finish the tender process this time.

The Energy DataStore will still open next year
The project’s cancellation of the tender does not change the long term ambition or the vision of the project. Energy data will be made available from the summer of 2017.

-At present time we are working on a new strategy to ensure that we get a lim-ited part of the solution ready in the summer of 2017. That way we can reap operational experience and learn about what the next steps should be, says Kristine Bock.

-Limitations in the first version of the Energy DataStore will not primarily affect the external use of the Energy DataStore, but rather hit inwards, as will need to use more resources on running and releasing new datasets in the first version. Though, it’s an acceptable temporary situation, which we commit to in order to get data out, as promised.

What happens next?
The project is now working on a new strategy to ensure that the Energy DataS-tore opens next summer.

-There are many positive forces out there that want to succeed in building an Energy DataStore. Therefore, we are pretty open, social and respon-sive at the time, and we might soon invite for another open workshop, says an optimistic Kristine Bock.


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