About energy data service

Energinet will in the coming years establish an easy accessible energy data service. The data service will incrementally publish an increasing amount of data and analyzes in order to contribute to the creating of value broadly in the energy sector.

Access to data and knowledge will give stakeholders a better basis for making informed decisions. Thereby increasing the likelihood that investments made will contribute to a cost-effective development of the energy system.

1. version: Focus on CO2 signals and market data
For a start, a functional and easily accessible energy data service with a limited number of data sets (market data and CO2 signals) and functionalities will be available to everyone in the summer of 2017.

Join us in the development of the energy data service
Energinet wants to ensure that the energy data service is built with the right functions and data sets to ensure innovation and growth.

Therefore, the development will be open and to a large extent involve stakeholders in order for the energy data service to create as much value as possible.

If you, for example, have an application or an idea of how you can use data from the energy data service, and do you want to contribute to developing, testing and applying the energy data service through your products, please send an e-mail to: energidata@energinet.dk